Development and validation of web-based STEAM online platform to improve learning quality in pre-service Chemistry teacher

Elda Frediana Rety Kartika, Elfi Susanti VH, Nurma Yunita Indriyanti


STEAM learning was design to promote student’s interest in learning chemistry. Integration STEAM into chemistry learning is often seen as a challenge, such as not familiar and lack of knowledge on STEAM in chemistry. Coping, for this reason, a web-based STEAM online platform was designed. This paper reports the use of design-based research (DBR) to develop a web-based STEAM online platform. The paper focuses on two studies that step on the development and validation of the platform. In an attempt to implement theoretically designed learning environments in real-world classrooms, DBR was employed as an overarching framework of inquiry. The two cycles of DBR inquiry provide deep insights into the platform's readability, comprehensibility, and feasibility. The implementation of the framework is specified along with further implications for researchers and practitioners.


Web-based STEAM online platform, chemistry learning, ICT

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