Analyze of STEAM education research for three decades

Binar Kurnia Prahani, Khoirun Nisa', Maharani Ayu Nurdiana, Erina Kurnianingsih, Mohd Zaidi Bin Amiruddin, Imam Sya'roni


The main objective of research is to ascertain the existing situation of STEAM education research over three decades based on the Scopus database. The entire documents are 256 findings globally data shorted by year, region, and highest cited to 100 documents. The analysis technique used VOSViewer, Microsoft Excel and word cloud generator. The result of document type articel is ranks first in Global and conference paper rank first in South East Asia. The sources that have published the top cited papers are “Journal of Small Business Management” in global and the “Education Sciences” in South East Asia. Meanwhile, the author with the most citations is Jeon M from the U.S.A. Specifically, the country with the most publications is US with 31 articles and 2553 citations. Whereas the majority of Southeast Asian countries have 9 articles and 10 citations. Supported the visualization analysis, VOSViewer's global region is divided into 4 clusters and 62 keywords to assist with the visualization analysis. A pair of clusters containing 14 keywords each for the South Asia region. The terms program, project, environment, model, and implication are frequently used in STEAM throughout the world. The keyword STEAM education appears in analyses conducted in South-East Asia. The outcome of this research can serve as a resource for scholars interested in STEAM and education. Further research into STEAM education trends can be conducted by focusing on a single region or on more specific issues.


Bibliometric, education, STEAM, STEM, VOSViewer

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