Gamification: Game as a medium for learning chemistry to motivate and increase retention of student learning outcomes

Achmad Lutfi, Fitria Aftinia, Bintari Eka Permani


This study aims to obtain the game as a gamification in education that is appropriate to be used for hydrocarbon learning media based on the validity, practicality, and effectiveness of the game. The research method used is the research and development method, the study was conducted in East Java High School-Indonesia. Validity is obtained from the assessment game by the validator. Practicality is obtained from the questionnaire responses of students and observations of students' activities while using the game. The effectiveness is obtained from the learning outcomes of students, the results of students' learning motivation questionnaires, and student retention. Based on the results of the research, the game developed is named “Hydrocarbons Chem-Rush” is declared appropriate as a learning media on hydrocarbon material and has better learning outcomes than the control group, students are more motivated to continue playing and continuing to learn, students are active during learning, and can make power student retention is very good.


Chem-rush, gamification for education, learning media, retention

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