Applicability of education 4.0 in higher education: Engineering students’ survey

Eva Beke, Andrea Tick


The purpose of the study is to examine how Industry 4.0, and the digital environment, have together created a new situation for companies and universities in terms of soft skills for employability. While companies aim to introduce a new structure, universities try to align with these changes by developing new educational methods, curricula, and models. Many researches are focusing on - rightfully so - Industry 4.0 skills and competences to gain throughout higher education. However, we have shifted our research interest and asked students to what degree their university years added to their knowledge, self-management and skills. 147 engineering and technical manager students’ responses from two faculties at Óbuda University, Hungary were analyzed to see their evaluations of the role of the university in the framework of Education 4.0, and their chances in the job market. Quantitative and CHAID analyses were used. Students’ responses show significant differences between the two faculties regarding languages, teamwork, self-management and in the different order of the skills seen as most paramount to employability. Engineering students attach greater importance to field-relevant knowledge, while technical manager students find decision-making more useful. The research proved that Education 4.0 is here and Z generation studying at universities prefers problem-based learning, including creativity, analytical, and critical thinking while would like to have good communication skills. Universities need to adapt to these changes and integrate hard as well as soft skills development in tutoring. The importance of technical-IT knowledge is just as important as having interpersonal skills, excellence in problem-solving, so students need to be taught how to analyze problems, engage in scientific debate, or express themselves clearly as previous literature indicated.


CHAID analysis, current competences, education 4.0, industry 4.0, skills for employability

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