Towards digital competence from the conception of students in language instruction: A study within the master's degree in teaching in Andalusia

Hugo Heredia Ponce, Manuel Francisco Romero Oliva, Ester Trigo Ibáñez


The use of smart mobile devices and the integration of social networks into the educational setting is a reality that has been widely studied by the research community. Their integration into the educational environment has increased following the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic. In light of the need to explore the conceptions of future educators regarding the integration of these technologies in the classroom after having experienced a health crisis, this study aims to describe the basic components of the conceptions of teacher trainees with regard to the usefulness of smartphones and social media in language teaching in the master’s degree in teaching. During the 2022-2023 academic year, a total of 139 registered students in the Spanish language and literature and foreign languages specialties as part of the master’s degree in teaching in the Andalusian Unified District (Distrito Único Andaluz, DUA) participated in this study. The respondents completed the Usefulness of the Social Media and Smartphones for Educational Action questionnaire (known as the CURSAE, according to its Spanish initials). The results show a trend toward positively viewing the use of smartphones and the social media in the classroom and as an element to establish communication with the various educational agents. The gender variable showed no statistically significant differences, as opposed to age and the specialization studied, which did reveal such differences. The use of these technologies was more widely accepted by younger students and those specializing in Spanish language and literature. These results are extremely useful for improving the initial training of secondary education and baccalaureate teachers.


Social media, smart mobile devices, initial training, master’s degree in teaching

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