Exploring gender disparities in online platform utilization and attitudes: A case study of Jerash university's zoom platform

Yousef Aljaraideh, Ahmad Rabee


This study investigates the impact of gender differences on the utilization of online platforms and attitudes toward them. A quantitative approach was adopted, employing a questionnaire comprising two domains: utilization and attitudes. The questionnaire consisted of 34 items, and its validity and reliability were assessed. The study's sample comprised 153 randomly selected graduate students from Jerash University. The findings indicate that students' utilization of online learning platforms, particularly the Zoom platform, is high, as is their positive attitude toward it. Furthermore, statistically significant gender-based differences were observed, favoring male students in both platform utilization and attitudes. The study recommends the implementation of a quasi-experimental approach to explore the gender variable's impact on students' platform utilization. Additionally, encouraging the use of Zoom platform among both students and instructors through incentivization is suggested.


Utilization, attitudes, online learning, zoom platform, Jordan

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.3926/jotse.2396

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