Prospective narratives on global issues: An AI-based pedagogical model for assessing complex thinking

Jorge Carlos Sanabria-Zepeda, Pamela Geraldine Olivo-Montaño, Inna Artemova, Amadeo José Argüelles-Cruz


This study proposes a pedagogical model for the creation and development of case studies, following a narrative scheme, that will allow the challenges and issues surrounding the megatrends of the 4th Industrial Revolution, specifically with the megatrend "People and the Internet". This proposal will be framed in an online learning environment, it has been designed as the second stage of the educational platform that will guide university students in the process of an ideathon to address the megatrends of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The aim of designing a model for creating case studies related to the megatrends is to foster complex thinking in university students, especially innovative thinking as one of the sub-competences of complex thinking. Fostering complex thinking highlights the importance of cognitive, practical and adaptive skills to address interdisciplinary challenges. The Design Process and Practice methodology and the case study methodology itself were used to develop the narrative case study design model. The outcome of this study adds a tangible dimension that enriches the debates on education and complex systems thinking in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Emerging methodologies, digital narrative, complex thinking, AI-powered assessment, innovative education, higher education

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