Convergence between emerging technologies and active methodologies in the university

Oscar-Yecid Aparicio-Gómez, Olga-Lucia Ostos-Ortiz, Constanza Abadía-García


In today's educational environment, the convergence of emerging technologies and active methodologies has become a fundamental driver of change in university education. Emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine learning, and data analytics, are redefining the dynamics of higher education. Active methodologies, such as problem-based learning, collaborative learning, and flipped learning, center the pedagogical focus on the student, encouraging active participation and problem-solving. The combination of emerging technologies and active methodologies creates a powerful synergy, enabling the effective implementation of personalized and immersive learning experiences. This convergence not only enhances learning, but also prepares students to be autonomous learners, critical thinkers, and 21st century problem solvers. 


Education, pedagogy, emerging technologies, active methodologies, university education

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