How the contents of a bachelor’s degree final project of engineering evolve towards innovative scientific knowledge: Keys to success

Cristina Núñez, Ana Guinea, Sara Callau, Christophe Bengoa, Josep Basco, Jordi Gavaldà


The Bachelor’s Degree Final Project (BDFP) of our school aims to develop a real constructive project, enhance cooperative teamwork and increase productivity of students.

We present a real case study, related with engineering and scientific innovation results obtained by BDFP, which has led to an innovative scientific study presented at the 7th European Meeting on Chemical Industry and Environment and published in EMChIE 2015 Conference Proceedings.

The objectives of this paper are:

  • Describe the design and implementation of a BDFP of engineering that encompasses the development of the characteristic elements of engineering and constructive work and, at the same time, it is scientifically innovative.
  • Show the methodology used for its development.
  • Present the results obtained.
  • Emphasize the importance of teachers, teamwork of students and the use of real case studies in the conceptual development of a BDFP.
  • Enhance the possibility that the BDFP of Engineering can solve real engineering problems and to be precursors of Innovation and Scientific Knowledge developers.
  • Learn engineering and, at the same time, provide Science new knowledge and applications.


Bachelor’s Degree Final Project (BDFP), Treball Fi de Grau (TFG), case study, methodology, innovative scientific study

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