The role of self-learning in promotion of skills in small employee medium sized of Russian enterprises

Svetlana V. Lapteva, Anatoly V. Kozlov, Olga S. Tamer


This investigation seeks to study the role of self-learning educations in promotion of professional competences employee skills of small employee medium sized enterprises. For this purpose, by providing a 15-question researcher-made questionnaire about the quality employee manner of self-learning educations, the exit poll was accomplished from the small employee medium sized enterprises of Russia so that the main question of this research was answered. This research in the domain of applicable researches is from the field type employee the methodology is descriptive from survey type. The statistical population of this investigation is formed from all employees of small employee medium sized enterprises in 19 regions of Russia that were doing their duties in the educational year of 2016-2017. The sample size of employees with regard to the Krejcie-Morgan's table was considered about 450 employees. In this investigation, in order to determine the reliability of questionnaire with emphasis on internal homogeneity, Cronbach's Alpha has been used that Alpha's coefficient was gained equal to 0.933 which is relatively high employee expresses high validity of the researcher-made questionnaire employee this researcher-made questionnaire has the content validity. Also, analysis of findings through Pearson correlation test showed that there is significant relation between the self-learning education courses employee professional skills of employees with confidence of 99% (P<0.01) employee about 60% of total variance of scores of professional skills of employees is arising from variance of scores of self-learning education courses (in other words, about 60% have common variance).


self-learning, enterprises, employee skills, education

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