Printed Edition (Vol. 6, No. 2): Special Issue 5th International UNIVEST Conference

UNIVEST is intent on fostering comprehensive and relevant reflection on the teaching-learning process in universities, with a well-defined will to transform educational, training and institutional processes from the standpoint of open debate with all agents involved. 

In this sense, the intention behind the V International UNIVEST Conference is to provide a integrative and critical outlook on the assessment process. Assessment, understood as an activity integrated in general university training, with active participation on the part of all subjects involved in all educational stages. That is why a very diverse perspective is sought, from the point of view of methodology processes, in which students and teachers alike are involved in analysing repercussions as well as internal and external value, etc. Ultimately, the idea is to evaluate and conceptualise the meaning, moment and procedures of the assessment process: what, why, for what purpose and how the functional and instrumental roles coexist with the educational and collaborative one. 

The emphasis in this edition, once more, is on creating a clearly participatory work dynamic, promoting debate and contrast as a basic dynamic. For this reason, as well as seeking a broad perspective encompassing teachers, students, technicians and other agents involved, it is also based on discussing and contrasting approaches. The programme is built upon lectures, which can be contested, commented communications and spaces for debate where prestigious specialists intervene, who contribute their ideas and reflections on assessment as a central component for analysis ans contrast.