Offering special issues on international conferences

JOTSE offers the possibility of publishing special issues on international conferences as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • It will be necessary to have an editor of the special issue who will work with JOTSE (as a mediator).
  • Before the celebration of the conference, the special issue must be previously announced on the conference website with a time exceeding one month.
  • The editor will select and contact potential authors to offer them participating in the special issue.
  • After the celebration of the Conference, the Conference’s editors will choose the candidate papers. The articles must have passed a review process previously and must comply with the journal publication standards (JOTSE).
 Conditions of publication
  • Minimum number of publications: 5 papers. If less than 5 papers they will be published in a regular issue.
  • Maximum number of publications: 10 papers.
  • The publication fee is 3500 EUR. The total amount must be satisfied after the acceptation by editor-in-chief (JOTSE).