Reflections and conclusions of the work developed by the electronics teaching innovation group at the university of Valladolid

Luis Carlos Herrero de Lucas, Fernando Rafael Pardo Seco, Maria Luisa Fernando Velázquez, Maria Luisa González González


We present the main conclusions and reflections obtained by the Electronics Teaching Innovation Group (Grupo de Innovación Docente en Electrónica, GIDEN) in the University of Valladolid (UVa) about its main working topics. This group is composed of teachers from the Industrial Engineering Degree, major speciality in Industrial Electronics, and Electronic and Automatic Industrial Engineering Degree, at the School of Industrial Engineering, who are interested in the introduction of active methodologies. Sharing ideas, reflections and conclusions in such a cooperative environment between teachers with common interests has driven the success of the different teaching activities carried out by the members of the GIDEN, which forms the work presented in this paper.


Educational innovation, student-centered methodologies, engineering

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