Learning how to read children's books in the digital society: Book trailers as an educational tool in higher education

Rosa Tabernero Sala, Iris Orosia Campos Bandrés, María Jesús Colón Castillo, Daniel Laliena Cantero


The new multimodal reading ecosystem currently contributes to the proposal of forms of mediation that take into account the hybridization of digital and analog paradigms. In this context, illustrated books intended for children can constitute an area of interest, since their discursive and aesthetic codes contribute to the development of multimodal reading strategies and to the positioning of the child reader before the information, at the same time that they generate pleasant reading and knowledge-building experiences. Accordingly, today’s publishing market requires a learning process from the mediator in order to develop the corresponding strategies with which to approach children’s books. Previous research has focused on the book trailer as a virtual epitext for the promotion of publications, and it has analyzed the identity of this tool to demonstrate its effectiveness in the promotion of reading. Along these lines, and with the purpose of verifying how this tool behaves in the introduction of future teachers to children’s books, an intervention is proposed that is based on the creation of book trailers. A total of 860 students from the Early Childhood and Primary Education teaching degree programs participated in the intervention. It included qualitative research that analyzed the documents/epitexts created by the students, written reflections within the framework of this project and the discourse collected a posteriori in interviews and discussion groups on the experience. The results reveal the potential that creating book trailers has for introducing teacher trainees to illustrated children’s books within the framework of the digital society.


Book trailer, higher education, virtual epitexts, reader education, illustrated books, digital society

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.3926/jotse.2530

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