Co-education and the feminist perspective in centres of pedagogical renewal: A critical analysis

Paco Abril Morales, Alba Castellsagué


In the field of education, co-education has gained recognition as an approach that seeks to challenge gender stereotypes and promote egalitarian relationships. At the same time, the feminist perspective poses a profound critique of patriarchal structures and norms that perpetuate gender inequalities. The school institution has been represented in research from an ambivalent position: as a space for the reproduction of sexism and androcentrism, but also from the perspective of its transformative potential. This article proposes to analyse the intersection between co-education and the feminist perspective in the centres of pedagogical renewal, as these spaces question traditional educational models from a critical viewpoint that transcends the merely educational.

This article is based on a case study that evaluates the extent to which seven centres of pedagogical renewal have integrated a co-educational and critical feminist perspective into their project. Based on participant observation, interviews and focus groups with teachers, families, students and management teams, it explores the social and political commitment of these schools to the promotion of gender equality, inclusion and diversity.


Co-education, feminist perspective, centres of pedagogical renewal, gender equality, inclusion and diversity

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