Pedagogical renewal today: Miscellanea

Jordi Feu Gelis, Albert Torrent, Òscar Prieto-Flores


Stemming from the research "The Fourth Impulse of Pedagogical Renewal in Spain", this article addresses three key issues: firstly, and as a terminological exercise, it differentiates three concepts that are too often treated interchangeably. These are: reform, renewal and innovation. Secondly, some of the defining aspects that, in our view, characterise centres of pedagogical renewal are presented. Thirdly, some of the peculiarities of pedagogical renewal today (what we agree to call the "third impulse of pedagogical renewal") are presented. The article closes with some conclusions which, apart from highlighting the main aspects of the article, place topics on the table for further debate.


Pedagogical renewal, educational reform, educational transformation, alternative education, renewal centres

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