Exploring prospective student teacher's question on mathematics teaching practice

Moh Zayyadi, Toto Nusantara, Erry Hidayanto, I Made Sulandra, Abdur Rahman As'ari


This research aims to find and describe kinds of questions proposed by prospective students teacher in teaching mathematics practice. The mathematics learning is an activity undertaken by teachers, students and learning environments in learning the mathematical material. The mathematics learning, in this case, is the learning of concept, principal, procedures, and factual mathematics. This research is qualitative research, and the subject is 7th semester students of mathematics at Madura University who was doing their field experience practice. In this study, five prospective students teacher practiced their teaching skill for more less 3-4 meetings. The data was collected from video recording an interview, then the data was analyzed, and triangulation was done. Triangulation result would be used as initial conclusion before the final one is taken. The result of this study is, brainstorm questions emphasized more to the concept understanding, procedures, mathematics principals. Divergent questions are questions which stressing more to the concept of understanding, procedures, and mathematics principle and factual. Convergent questions, brainstorm questions are questions which emphasizing on the understanding of mathematics factual. This focal question is more about justifying or giving students choices in answering questions. This type of question to inquire about procedures and mathematical facts to choose the right one.


Questions, prospective students teacher, mathematics subject

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.3926/jotse.465

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