Student worksheet with AR videos: Physics learning media in laboratory for senior high school students

Fauzi Bakri, Handjoko Permana, Suci Wulandari, Dewi Muliyati


Practicum based learning is required to provide opportunities for students in finding and applying concepts by observation. Student worksheet with discovery learning model and equipped with AR video are needed as learning tool, so students will be able to have good work in laboratory and implementation of practicum is effective. This study aims to produce LKPD and AR media that is videos related to the topic of practicum. The method used in this study is a research and development method with the Dick and Carey model approach. The feasibility test was carried out on the product using a Likert scale instrument. Feasibility test on material experts obtained a score of 96.93%, on media experts at 89.95%, on learning experts at 81% and obtained an average score of 89.29% with a very proper interpretation. Next, a user trial was conducted on the product with respondents, which are at SMAN 54 Jakarta. Trials on teachers obtained a score of 97.61%, and trials on students obtained a score of 88.47%. The limited trials is done by doing pre-test and post-test on students. Limited trial results obtained an average n-gain score of 0.47. Based on the results of the feasibility test, user trials, and limited trials, it can be concluded that the developed student worksheet is very suitable to be used as a learning tool in physics practicum activities in senior high school at 10th grade.


Student worksheet, augmented reality, physics learning media

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